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The network

The network

Who are we?


The network is a group of leading local law firms working together to provide legal services in the Pacific. We have had a presence in the Pacific for over fifteen years. We know the Pacific better than anyone else. We are the market leaders in the Pacific, and proud of it.

During this time we have been involved in most of the larger Pacific regional transactions. We have bought / sold / merged / liquidated / consolidated and restructured almost anything and everything.


We simplify the process of being represented in multiple countries. You will find our offices in all the major cities in the Pacific.


We also have a corporate business advisory service, PLN Advisory, that provides key corporate and strategic advice for clients with operations in the Pacific Business. PLN Advisory sits alongside our local legal service providers, and they work hand in hand to ensure you have eyes on the ground in all the required places. The advisory team has a wealth of experience in key transactions across the Pacific. 

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