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Pacific Legal Network welcomes new member in Kiribati

Media release – For immediate release

1 February 2022

Pacific Legal Network (PLN) is very pleased to start 2023 with the announcement that (following quickly in the footsteps of Mooney Wieland Warren in American Samoa), Taoaba & Associates (also known as T&A Law Firm) in Kiribati has joined as a member firm, continuing the rapid expansion of the network over the last couple of years.

T&A is a full service local Kiribati law firm and assists individuals and companies residing in Kiribati, as well as foreign entities and persons looking to do business in Kiribati, with a range of services including commercial law, land matters, civil claims and criminal matters. The inclusion of Kiribati in the network further strengthens PLN’s service offering, increasing the global footprint through which PLN gives clients access to experienced local legal expertise on the ground across the Pacific.

PLN Founder and Head of Legal Services John Ridgway said:

“With an increased focus on legal institutions and the rule of law across the Pacific, the timing could not be better for T&A Law to join Pacific Legal Network. It is yet another example of how our leading network traverses jurisdictions of all sizes across the Pacific, enabling the delivery of first rate legal services to all our local, regional and global clients in all parts of the Pacific. We put the Pacific into Asia-Pacific”.

Taoing Taoaba, Principal of T&A, said: “It is a great privilege to become part of the Pacific Legal Network. Joining PLN has been beneficial to the office as we are being exposed to assist and deliver legal services not only within Kiribati but to regional and global clients as a whole. My appreciation goes to each and every one who has made it possible for Taoaba & Associates to join”.

T&A, Mooney Wieland Warren, NSMP & MHP (Indonesia) join Wong Alliance (Singapore and Timor Leste) and Palau along with the opening of a representative office in London as recent additions to Pacific Legal Network, as part of an ongoing growth strategy to ensure clients have access to high quality legal and professional services across all parts of the wider Pacific region.


For more information and for interview opportunities contact John Ridgway, Head of Legal Services at Pacific Legal Network:

Ph: 61 410520416 E:


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